‘Deep’ Remark on CNN (Constantly Negative News)

Important I had a rare opportunity to watch CNN (Constantly Negative News) for a few minutes earlier today while waiting in the doctor’s office. I almost never watch TV, and I don’t even subscribe to cable or satellite TV service.  (I own a TV, but I only use it to watch DVDs).  These days when I actually see TV programming I am often amazed by the content which is reported on the news.

Anyhow, today I heard something which caused me to think.  The newscasters were speaking with the Army general who is overseeing the operations in Afghanistan, and he said something which really struck me.  He was discussing the strategy that the US is employing, and the lack of progress being made there.  He said something like, “We could continue to do good things in Afghanistan for another hundred years and still not be successful.”  Isn’t that so true about life in general?  I believe most people do a massive amount of good things in their life, but the sad fact is that most people are not successful.

So what makes the difference?  What determines if a good action (or ANY action) will move me closer to success or not?  One insight may be the concept of Important Activities versus Unimportant Activities.  I talk about this concept in my book Leap Beyond Your Limits– how a lot of people are busy but don’t accomplish much.  Let’s face it- a lot of things we do are just not that important.  In fact, if you study the people who are really winning big you’ll find that they spend almost ALL their time engaged in important activities.

So what are the truly important activities that you should be doing?  Perhaps one of your important activities is to actually sit down and evaluate your current actions and classify each one as important or unimportant.  😉

I encourage you to remember what the Army general said, and don’t spend the next hundred years doing ‘stuff’ and not moving towards the success you desire.