Boosting your Spirits

“Coffee” for your spirit

Boosting your Spirits Cloudy, cool October day- COFFEE TIME!  Are you a coffee drinker?  A few minutes ago I was offered a free sample of coffee at this Starbucks where I’m now sitting. 

And then I had an energizing thought:

You know, some millionaires might laugh at us for working all year long to earn what we earn.  They would NEVER do what you’re doing to earn what you’re earning, because they are aware of how to earn millions, right?  Well here’s a shot of “coffee” for your spirit- YOU are absolutely capable of developing the millionaires awareness and (in due time) earning as much as they do, if you wanted to.  Seriously, you have the innate ability to surpass Donald Trump or anyone else. 

Do you believe that?  At least admit that it is Possible.  Leave the door open for yourself.  Will you agree to that?  Look to the sky and say, “It is possible.”