Inside Chris's Head

Inside Chris’s Head

Inside Chris's Head- mushrooms???I signed up for Skype yesterday.  An interesting thing happened. 

After signing up and ‘importing’ my contacts, I realized how easy the program is to use.  Then I realized what had been going on inside my head for a LONG time before actually signing up for Skype.  (I’m glad I observed it, because it was a huge self-learning point).  Let me explain… 

Before signing up, I had heard people talk about Skype for months, if not years, but I knew nothing about it.  I even felt a little ‘intimidated’ because I didn’t know what it was or how to use it.  It was not a fear, just a subtle feeling.  I wondered if I WOULD be able to understand it and use it.  (This makes NO sense because I’m far above average when it comes to learning/using new technologies).  I sort of thought of people who already had Skype as ‘more advanced than me’.  Trust me, I know how stupid this sounds, but that’s my whole point- WHY WOULD I THINK AND FEEL THIS WAY? 

It defies logic because it’s really due to my paradigm and belief system (which is located in the subconscious mind- which is emotional, not logical).  Maybe I observed these thoughts/feelings because I’m in the business of helping people change their deeper beliefs and habits, etc.  Anyhow, I’m glad I did…  Makes me wonder: How many other subtle thoughts/feelings like this are going on all the time in my head?!?! 

For those of you who have Skype KNOW how easy it is!…like most new technologies- when you actually spend a few minutes learning them- it’s easy. 

So have a laugh at me, if you like…  maybe you’ll even comment on this page and say funny things…

One thought on “Inside Chris’s Head”

  1. hi chris!

    i’m checking out your website….it’s pretty impressive! would love to talk with you re. the web designer etc.

    i also wanted to acknowledge and appreciate your articles….especially the transparency of being “inside your head!” i have this approach with my clients and students as well.

    we are all more interwtwined than what appears on the surface and sharings like these open that connection.

    i’m looking forward to your book….when does it take flight to northern california?

    be well and keep up the AWESOME work!


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