Goodness, Craziness, Grilling

Goodness, Craziness, Grilling

Goodness, Craziness, Grilling

I spent this past weekend meditating in an ashram near Atlanta, so I was actually very calm when I heard all this wacky news…

Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize?!?!  NASA bombs the moon?!?!  And James Ray, who is sort of in the same industry as me, had a retreat where tragically 2 people died in a sweat lodge.

I stayed a few nights at a small hotel in Georgia, and some guy was actually grilling food right outside his room on the 2nd floor walkway?!?!  A ton of smoke was billowing all over the place.  I am so puzzled by this- did he purposely bring his own grill with him to a hotel?  And what made him bring the whole grill up to the 2nd floor right outside of other people’s rooms and start cooking?  It was weird.

After mentioning to the front desk what was going on, the hotel manager came outside and actually told the grilling guy (in his Indian language) to do his grilling inside his room!!!  Did he really want him to roll the grill inside the room and continue?!  I just had to walk away.  Felt like the twilight zone.  I’m just glad there wasn’t a fire or anything.

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  1. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. You definitely couldn’t make that up. It’s just too bizarre!

  2. Yeah, some people are very “Unique,” yet we’re all on our own journey. Even the grilling guy!

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