Goals and How’s

Goals and How’s

Goals and How’s

People ask me all the time, “I’m getting very frustrated with trying to find a job (or making sales, or managing my time, or losing the weight, etc). Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?”

I usually ask them in return, “What would it look like if you were succeeding in every area of your life and you were extremely happy? Describe it to me.”

Amazingly 97 out of every 100 people do not have a clear answer to this question. So I suggested that answering that question for themselves is priority number one.

Of course the problem with writing down what you really want is that immediately you begin thinking, “How am I going to achieve that?”

Goal setting is not the time to think of how you’re going to achieve it. The truth is that you don’t know how, but you will figure it out.

You know, the wealthiest and most successful people agree that after you make a firm decision to achieve something, the way to achieve it is revealed to you.

Look back in your own life, at times when you achieved something. In the very beginning when you decided to go for it, you didn’t really know how you were going to do it, did you? You may have had a vague idea, but you did not know exactly how. But that didn’t stop you, right?