A $1,000 Coaching Question

A $1,000 Power Question:

Read these two quotes a few times, then answer the power question below…

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be bold and mighty forces come to your aid.
~ Goethe

What is the common idea that these two famous quotes share? And how does that idea apply to Your Life?

4 thoughts on “A $1,000 Power Question:”

  1. The common idea here is to get a definite purpose/plan and the mighty forces of the universe will support you.

    It so applies to my life because it tells me to go for it and I won’t ever be alone out there; have faith.

  2. Dig these quotes!! I think Janice and David are correct in that once you can wrap your mind around an idea or plan, things work out and the powers that be tend to fall your way.

    But I like to think it’s actually not as “deep” as universal powers assisting you in your success…..I like to believe that it’s more you being aware of what you want and having your perceptions and senses attuned toward your goal…more focused on a specific path or destination and they in turn take advantage of natural opportunities that have always been there, but that were just unnoticed.

    Its like becoming aware of a Jeep for the first time, and then noticing TONS of them on the roads. You ask yourself, “Man, whats with the crazy influx of Jeeps all of a sudden?” when in reality, they were always there, you just didn’t notice them.

    The sense that “larger powers” are in your favor when you embark on an endeavor is an extension of this phenomenon. You are aware now of your goal, and all sorts of opportunities now seem to be there….. but they always were 🙂 Just my two cents.

  3. Awareness is THE key, right? Actually, I believe: To continue to achieve higher levels of awareness is the real journey. The alternative isn’t too appealing- being stuck at a certain level and unable to transcend your current problems. Sounds like a Dante book I once read…

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