Stuck in a Routine???

Stuck in a Routine???

Are YOU Stuck in a Routine???

4 thoughts on “Stuck in a Routine???”

  1. Chris,
    I love the story, in fact I am an avid afficiando of storytelling. It’s the best way to get people to remember the message.
    One suggestion. You need some color behind you perhaps a wall hanging or painting.

  2. Thanks David. Maybe I could feature a David Derr piece behind me on the wall…?…? That would raise the atmosphere tremendously 😉 Along with my Goal Ability logo which I just had printed out large.

  3. Chris,

    Great way to portray that message. I like listening to your videos whenever I feel like I’m losing ground. They are great reminders to stop and assess where my thoughts are at and to help me to refocus. Thanks!



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