Other Controlling YOU

Others Controlling YOU

Are you in control of yourself, or are other people controlling you?

3 thoughts on “Others Controlling YOU”

  1. Chris,
    Nice video. Just asking oneself the question makes you stop and think…something that most people hardly make time to do these days. But something that is absolutely necessary to charge of your life.
    Thanks for sharing. All the best to you.

  2. Thanks John! I know you have a lot of experience SUCCEEDING via Self-Leadership and by choosing to maintain an effective attitude 🙂 …Even before deciding to make a big move to the United States, right?

  3. Chris,
    That’s just what I needed to hear tonight! Thanks for the reminder that we often get caught up in what we’re conditioned into doing instead of doing what our heart is leading us to do. Thanks for sharing your insights!


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