2 Reasons Why Resolutions Don't Stick

2 Reasons Why Resolutions Don’t Stick

3 thoughts on “2 Reasons Why Resolutions Don’t Stick”

  1. I absolutely agree with you Chris and I Do believe that people need to decide completely rather than make a New Years Resolution just to tell someone that is my resolution.

  2. Good point Arvind- probably the simple act of telling others about a lofty resolution makes some folks feel better, even if it’s not a ‘real’ resolution.

  3. I cannot agree more to what Chris has said in his video.

    When I started thinking about what my New Year Resolutions would be, the realization dawned on me that my Goal has to be the highest. There has to be one Primary Goal in my life and the rest will automatically align to the primary Goal. It also occurd to me that this Goal has been my primary Goal for the last 20 years and I affirm it evey morning before I do my meditation and every evening before I go to sleep. The only thing is that I never thought about it as a New Year Resolution before.

    The Goal is “to be one with the Absolute”.
    To achieve this Goal, I have to do my Spiritual Practice every day. I have to keep my body and mind heathy and fit trough Regular Exercise, Good eating habits, Adequate sleep and Practising the Ten Maxims in my daily life. Eveything else in life – wealth, health or happiness will follow based on what I need for my evolution.

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