Handling Setbacks and Small Failures

Handling a Setback…

We all experience setbacks in our lives because of mistakes we’ve made.  What matters most is how we handle them. Watch the video below…

3 thoughts on “Handling a Setback…”

  1. Hi Chris. We met at LBT last fall in Tahoe. You must have been thinking about my weakest link. I tend to beat myself up. Not so much today but I have a great wife that reminds me how wonderful life really is. We always learn the greatest lessons while in the valley of despair.

    I have one question. We are wanting to begin doing videos just as you are doing. What type of video camera and wireless microphone are you using?

    Ben Locklear DC

  2. Great reminder Chris. I never really connected the two before (setbacks and forgiveness.) Thanks!

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